What song is stuck in your head?

The song that’s currently stuck in my hard headed head 😀 is Ayumi Hamasaki’s song Sunrise/Sunset~Love is All~

Above is a video of the Piano Version of the song. It’s very nice to hear and I really adore Japanese singers :3

Please listen to it and Hope you’ll like it xDDD


vote wisely this 2010

Why our Nation is getting poor? F.M.O. (For My Opinion)

The reason why our nation is getting poorer and poorer is because we blame the Government Officials for being too corrupt.

But think again..Who voted the officials? Isn’t it WE? see? 2010 is almost here. So,we should already plan on who to vote. The earlier the better! Vote Wisely!

Beauty is skin deep

I saw this video when I logged on to
Dove’s campaign for real beauty;self esteem fund website.
This film deals with the issue of self esteem
through the eyes of two young people.



“Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

– Belle Guyo

As Dove would say: Beauty is skin deep.


I would like to invite everybody young and old to join this campaign ( CAMPAIGN FOR REAL BEAUTY ).
Because this campaign helps women,
both young and old to understand that TRUE beauty comes from within.
and we should own it (beauty) rather than chasing after it.


Why is the sunset red?

Rayleigh scattering occurs when light scatters off of small particles in the atmosphere. Rayleigh scattering is isotropic and favours shorter wavelengths which means that blue light is more likely to scatter than red light.

During the day, this is the reason the sky is blue as the blue wavelengths tend to scatter off of particles in the atmosphere and into our eyes while the red wavelengths pass by over head.

However, when the sun is setting, the light must travel through more atmosphere and so the blue wavelengths are scattered away from our sight, while the red wavelengths are left to propagate through the atmosphere and into our eyes.

It is because of the relative amounts of each wavelength that we perceive blue or red versus when we perceive white which is a mixture of all “colours”.


Source: Wiki answers

wonder why?

Adults: 15 times/day. Ever wonder why?


Maybe, it’s because adults worry about things
more than they should.
They worry on stuffs that is not worth worrying.
So that’s why some adults rarely smile 🙂
and also they forgot the child inside them.

Pinoy Rock: Raimund Marasigan


I'm an avid fan of Pinoy Rock, not just because I'm a Filipino,but also because of there catchy tunes. One of my favorite Pinoy rock artist is a drummer from a phenomenal Pinoy band, the Eraserheads. His also the front man of the band Sandwich and the synthesizer of Pedicab. He had produced a lot of bands in the Philippines. The artist I'm talking about is no other than,the very talented artist in the Philippine Music industry, Mr. Raimund Marasigan. I've been loving him since forever. I really idolize him,he can sing,he can rock and his smart. I have a lot to say about him,but that would take forever. Raimund Marasigan is currently living with his significant other, the oh-so-lovely Myrene Academia and their daughter, Atari Kim. For the past few years of adoring and idolizing Raimund Marasigan, I haven't gone to any of his gigs,shows,concerts,et.al. Sad,isn't it? But that's A-OKAY,there's always another day.LOL. So that's all,..ty! For all the supporters out here, keep on supporting and wishing Raimund Marasigan all the best in his wonderful career.